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Plastic Farm Artist Spotlight: Danielle Corsetto

I met Danielle ten years ago or so at a Pittsburgh ComicCon. I had just put out the first issue of Plastic Farm and she had put out an issue of Hazelnuts. It turned out that my wife and Danielle had mutual friends and thus a friendship was born.

A few years later, Danielle had either just started or was about to start working on GIRLS WITH SLINGSHOTS. I was looking for an artist with a style that could tone down and add humor to what was (at the time) the most disgusting chapter of Plastic Farm. I remain grateful that Danielle agreed to be that artist. It’s probably one of the more legendary chapters of Plastic Farm, and one that gets commented on the most.

If you are not already reading Danielle’s GIRLS WITH SLINGSHOTS, you should start now. You still have a chance to say “I was reading Danielle Corsetto before she got crazy famous.” (She is currently looking for a week’s worth of guest strips, something I am glad to have done a few years ago.)

Danielle was also kind enough to let me create a “DANIELLE CORSETTO LEVEL” on the Plastic Farm Kickstarter. For $25 you get a copy of PLASTIC FARM #11 and PLASTIC FARM: SOWING SEEDS ON FERTILE SOIL, signed by both me and Danielle.

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